Adding a Command Panel

One of the user interface issues that I’ve been seeking a better approach on is related to the placement of Command Buttons for User Commands such as: Select Full Screen & Exit Full Screen Proceed to Combat Phase & Proceed to Movement Phase Start the Combat Engagement Advance after Combat or Do not Advance Others […]


August/September 2010 Build Plan for NAW

As Alumni Drum Corps season starts to wind down (our last show will be in Rochester, NY over the Labor Day Weekend)…I’ve spent some time thinking about the specific functions I want to design and develop over the next several weeks. I’ve spent some time playtesting the Current Build….and there are definitely lots of areas […]


Installing Visual Studio 2010 and Silverlight 4

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to get back to my NAW project; but…I’m now very much re-energized and want to try to get the next build completed over the June/July timeframe.  The next build will complete the following features: All Combat Engagement Results will be completed (Defender Retreat, Attacker Retreat, Defender Eliminated, […]


Debug Messaging

Right after building the Combat Resolution Dialog box…I re-engineered a variant of this class to assist in collecting/displaying technical messages I’ve inserted within the NAW source code to assist in debugging some of the program logic.  Especially in debugging combat engagement management and future Artificial Intelligence related program logic – I need a convenient way […]


Adding a Transparent Dialog Box

I’m taking a small diversion, working through a couple items: I upgraded my development PC to Windows 7, and also installed the Release Candidate (RC) of Visual Studio 2010; I’m spending some time testing a couple improvements for possible inclusion in the NAW User Interface. In working with the game interface, two problems have surfaced: […]


Quick Test of Syntax Highlighter

I’m using this blog entry to test the use of a WordPress plug-in that supports the display our source code…. 1234567891011121314Partial Public Class FullScreen     Inherits UserControl     Public Sub New()         InitializeComponent()     End Sub     Private Sub Button_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As RoutedEventArgs)   […]


Starting the Combat Phase Build

I have started my build of the combat resolution features for Napoleon at Waterloo, which needs to accommodate several specific features. The following is the general Combat Results Table for NAW, indicating the combat results related to potential engagements — combining the impact of the overall Combat Ratio (Attacker to Defender Strength) — compounded by […]


Improving the User Interface

I’m spending a little time adjusting the User Interface (UI) before proceeding to the next major build phase which will be focused on the Player Combat Phase. In looking at the general "look & feel" of the Napoleon at Waterloo game as it presently exists — there seem to be a couple areas that need […]


Testing the Movement Phase Build of NAW

This is the current build of the Napoleon at Waterloo wargame as of January 18, 2010.  In this build, I have focused on several major function points, principally the foundations for the NAW Movement PlayerTurns -for  both the French and Allied player. Key features of this build are — my blog provides a more detailed […]


November 2009 Build Status Update

The Battle For Moscow ‘minigame’ is starting to take shape — at least from a User Interface and core functions perspective.  The following key elements have been completed, as illustrated in the following screenshot.   Silverlight Grid.  The overall game display has been segmented into three Grid Rows: (1) the TopPanel which is a placeholder […]

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