Function Points for the Next Build

I’m currently planning to build-out the following new functions on the Battle For Moscow (BFM) wargame.   BFM is a good interim example for designing, building and testing the major methods and data structures required in a Silverlight/Web-based hexagonal wargame. During November — the following additions are planned: Add the specific Terrain Effect for each Hex-to-Hex […]


Current Build as of November 8

I just finished the Sprite Class for Battle For Moscow….incorporating the major characteristics for each unit, to include: Unit Identifier Unit Nationality Unit Type (Infantry, Panzer, etc) Maximum Combat Strength Combat Strength Condition (Full or Half Strength) Movement Allowance Current Hex Row Location Current Hex Column Location Current Position (in Pixels) I also finished the […]


NAW Ruleset

The following ‘general rules’ were integral to the success of this introductory game by SPI.  I’ve tried to summarize the major elements of the game below: The Sequence of Play Players take turns moving their units and engaging in attacks.  Each Game-Turn consists of two Player-Turns French Movement Phase – where the French Player can […]


A Series of Silverlight Workup Projects

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to work through a series of Silverlight Projects, to familiarize myself with this tool, benchmark the impact various techniques have on overall performance and confirmation of the ability to transfer many of the modules originally written for the standalone PC version of NAW to this new Rich Internet […]


Site Re-Launch

I am relaunching this WordPress blog in order to describe the ongoing steps being taken in the conceptual design, platform selection and development of the Napoleon at Waterloo wargame….building that game as a Rich Internet Application – using Silverlight 3 as the key development tool. Having spent the greater part of 2 years working on […]

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