Build Plan – 3.02 (Sprite Control)

Improving on the very basic Sprite Control…..I’m presently working on the next build supporting Application #3 – Development of a Sprite Control, checking the ability to include attributes, dynamically load graphics from a file and move the sprites across the canvas Specific Function Points for Build 3.02 will include: Inclusion of an improved Mapsheet, graphics […]


NAW Ruleset

The following ‘general rules’ were integral to the success of this introductory game by SPI.  I’ve tried to summarize the major elements of the game below: The Sequence of Play Players take turns moving their units and engaging in attacks.  Each Game-Turn consists of two Player-Turns French Movement Phase – where the French Player can […]


A Series of Silverlight Workup Projects

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to work through a series of Silverlight Projects, to familiarize myself with this tool, benchmark the impact various techniques have on overall performance and confirmation of the ability to transfer many of the modules originally written for the standalone PC version of NAW to this new Rich Internet […]

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