November 2009 Build Status Update

The Battle For Moscow ‘minigame’ is starting to take shape — at least from a User Interface and core functions perspective.  The following key elements have been completed, as illustrated in the following screenshot.   Silverlight Grid.  The overall game display has been segmented into three Grid Rows: (1) the TopPanel which is a placeholder […]


Function Points for the Next Build

I’m currently planning to build-out the following new functions on the Battle For Moscow (BFM) wargame.   BFM is a good interim example for designing, building and testing the major methods and data structures required in a Silverlight/Web-based hexagonal wargame. During November — the following additions are planned: Add the specific Terrain Effect for each Hex-to-Hex […]


Current Build as of November 8

I just finished the Sprite Class for Battle For Moscow….incorporating the major characteristics for each unit, to include: Unit Identifier Unit Nationality Unit Type (Infantry, Panzer, etc) Maximum Combat Strength Combat Strength Condition (Full or Half Strength) Movement Allowance Current Hex Row Location Current Hex Column Location Current Position (in Pixels) I also finished the […]

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