Building a Tab Control for NAW Rules

I think it’s important to provide a ChildWindow right after the user starts the game that provides an easy to understand summary of the key rules that apply in the playing of this wargame.  I’ve prototyped the following tab control to test the concept.  I’m not sure I like the current color combinations…and will tweak […]


I’ve launched a new website — the overall portal to the games that are being developed using Silverlight: My intent is to maintain both sites, with two different themes: — will continue to be the location where I describe and chronicle my overall wargame development projects, and I will be extending that as […]


Testing a Simple SplashScreen

Test of placing a Simple SplashScreen with a Silverlight Application


Testing a ChildWindow based SplashScreen

Test of placing a ChildWindow based SplashScreen within a Silverlight Application

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