I was originally introduced to the wargaming community in 1971 – ‘cutting my teeth’ on the rich set of games developed under the “Strategy and Tactics” brand of SPI, as well as those of Avalon Hill, GMT, Victory Games and many others.

Additionally, during that time I was working on my degree in Operations Research, developing large-scale software models in support of several military applications, to include Situational Awareness, Common Operational Picture, Combat Simulation as well as manpower, logistics and transportation management.

I must admit, in terms of software development, I remain simply a hobbyist these days – but have always wanted to pursue the linkage between these two avocations.

My goal with the relaunch of my WordPress site is to share my experiences in learning the use of Microsoft’s Visual Studio development environment in conjunction with the Silverlight toolkit. My plan is to build a series of hexagonal wargames within a Rich Internet Application (RIA) — focusing on simplicity and ease of play….with a little history thrown in as well. I hope that placing these games within a web environment, easily accessible to a broad audience, will enable others to learn and enjoy this fantastic hobby.

I hope the information provided on this site is helpful — and I look forward to hearing your comments on how to improve this approach toward transitioning the classic hexagonal wargame approach to the web.

All the best,

David L. Chadwick

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